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You’ll never guess what causes your dark spots?

If you have opened this email, is’t certainly because you want to get rid of your dark spots. So I’m going to tell you the secret….. STOOOOP let’s rewind. Why? Because in order to treat them you must understand how they are formed.

At Novexpert, we’re not happy with superficially treating the problem, we treat the underlying cause. If you repaint a damp patch without investigating where the leak originates, I can guarantee you won’t get rid of the patch. It’s the same for dark spots: You need to understand them before you act. And I promise you, it will only take a few minutes.

What makes your skin the colour it is…?

I’ll take you into the depths of the epidermis, the first layer of the skin.  This is where the brown pigment called melanin, which gives the skin its colour, is produced.

 The cell factories that produce melanin are called melanocytes.  They look like hands with long fingers called dendrites (as seen in the drawing).  They create the melanin but do not store it for themselves.  Thanks to transporters they pass it onto their neighbouring cells in the epidermis, the keratinocytes.  It’s in these cells that the melanin is stored.  The two types of cell communicate with each other and quietly manufacture the melanin pigment needed to give our skin an even colour tone.

Warning, the melanin factory is overheating!

As a result of UV rays, the melanin factories will begin to overproduce.  In order to protect us from UV damage, they create more melanin than usual.  The consequences? The keratinocytes receive more melanin and our skin appears tanned.

Up until then everything is fine…then disaster!

The problem with our melanin factories is that because of repeated exposure to the sun, some cells are no longer able to revert back to their normal rate of melanin production. They are constantly overproducing melanin, even without the sun. They are malfunctioning. Too much melanin is produced which builds up in the skin and, you’ve got them …. dark spots form!

But the story doesn’t end here as there are other factors that can increase melanin production: hormones, stress, inflammation etc These create other types of hyperpigmentation, of variable shapes and colours: melasma, age spots, senile lentigos...…


So now, what is the solution….. how do you fight your dark spots?

It’s a combat played out in two rounds:

Round 1: exfoliate to remove cells that contain too much melanin.

Round 2: Calm down the melanin factories so they slow their rate of production.

Obviously you are not going to win this combat on your own. So as usual, we’ve thought of you.

To lighten your dark spots by 84% in a month, try our Targeted Dark Spot Corrector.  It’s secret?  The answer lies in the palm of your hand.  Look at them. They are whiter than the rest of your body and they don’t have any dark patches.  A miracle? No, just nature…They have a protein that limits the production of melanin, hence preventing dark spots.

The targeted corrector has an active ingredient that stimulates the production of this precious protein.



This is just the first product in our new anti-pigmentation range with Green Tea Polyphenols, which as the name suggests, contains EGCG - the most powerful antioxidant in tea. 

EGCG is found in large quantities in green tea collected from the imperial harvest (bud and first leaf), it is a super molecule for anti-ageing and hyperpigmentation.