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In France, do they still test on animals?

73% are convinced of the animal tests!

This is the proportion of French people who still think, in 2021, that some cosmetic products were tested on poor guinea pigs before arriving in your bathroom[1].

And in actual fact, fortunately, for many years this has changed:

2004 In Europe: The marketing of cosmetics tested on animals were banned.

2013 In Europe: The use of cosmetic ingredients tested on animals were banned.
The import of cosmetics tested on animals were also banned.

All this to say that no product sold in Europe can be tested on ANIMALS! And that's all good!

In Europe, ok ! But what about elsewhere?

Some countries do not prohibit animal experimentation BUT there is no risk of finding them on the European market, thanks to regulation 1223/2009 which prohibits their importation into the European Union.

Stop petwashing!

Within the EU, the claim "not tested on animals" is abused because it is a European regulatory obligation.

Our advice:
Activate your radar when a brand bases its values mainly on this claim, it may be because it doesn't have much more to offer you...

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