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Isn't a probiotic cream good for the skin's microbiota?

You eat probiotics (almost) every day in your yoghurts. And it's only a short step from yoghurt to your face cream... I'm sure you've noticed that the "microbiota-friendly" wave has swept through the cosmetics industry, with a great deal of marketing, for the well-being of your skin's microbiota. Or so some brands would have you believe...

Probiotics, what are they?

Probiotics, literally "for life", are LIVING organisms with proven health benefits for the host when administered in the right dose.

Digestive comfort, slower cell ageing and even improvements in autistic disorders - researchers are still far from having discovered all their benefits.

But probiotics are not cosmetics!

A probiotic is a living germ, and therefore prohibited by cosmetics regulations. Why is this? Because we have to guarantee your safety with a product that is free of any microbial presence (good or bad) and therefore probiotic-free. So you'll NEVER find cosmetics with probiotics in Europe. Yes, even if your favorite product website says so....

Meanwhile, the skin microbiota is in danger!

Each individual has his or her own microbiota. It's our3rd biological footprint.

There are 10 times more bacteria in and on our bodies than there are human cells, which means that our bodies are 90% bacteria!

A true natural bulwark of the skin, some even call the cutaneous microbiota the4th layer of the skin. In fact, it makes our skin as impregnable as a Vauban citadel. Protecting against "bad" bacteria and direct contact with allergens, soothing the immune system and stimulating the healing process, the cutaneous microbiota is THE bodyguard par excellence.

But for them, life is far from a long, quiet river. Aggressive cleaning, stress, pollution, preservatives in cosmetics - your skin's sentinels are under attack every day, and it shows. Acne, dry skin and feelings of discomfort disrupt your daily routine.

Saving the skin's microbiota? Not an impossible mission for Novexpert!

As you can see, skin flora (the other name for your microbiota) needs to be carefully protected, but not by making you think it will be with probiotic creams!

At Novexpert, flora protection will be WITHOUT probiotics but WITH:

And there's more to come!

Our Doctors have developed flora-friendly formulas and combined them with Magnesium, the anti-stress active ingredient par excellence!

Magnesium deserves a place in the cosmetics Hall of Fame for its multiple properties: anti-aging, soothing and protective.

Recognized for its many benefits, it is often prescribed as a1st-line treatment for dermatological problems. It therefore seemed essential to us to devote a complete range to it.

A true specialist in sensitive skin, magnesium combined with prebiotics and postbiotics offers remarkable soothing action for sensitive skin... and all the others.

Protecting the skin's microbiota is not a marketing invention, but doing so with probiotic creams is! 

So turn on your radar when choosing your next cream, and select only those containing prebiotics and/or postbiotics.

The easiest way is to choose Novexpert. At Novexpert, we've been cultivating respect for skin balance, and therefore for the microbiota, every day since 2008.

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