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Winter, Rain and Dehydration


Tomorrow, the barrier function will be impaired all over the skin, especially on the cheeks, due to an anti-lipid disturbance that will last for several weeks.

Today we have already recorded a record drop in skin lipid levels of 5% and sebum production has already stopped.

Result = Massive defatting

On the air quality side :

I am announcing an extra dry atmosphere in all interiors.

Result = dehydration sets in

Did you know that?

Even in winter rain, the air outside contains up to 4x less humidity than air at 20°C.


Dehydration can affect all skin types. We notice a 25% drop in hydration in 48 hours due to dry and overheated interiors.

It's a question of balance.

When the air is dry, skin water will tend to evaporate towards the medium with the least water content, in this case the air.

In the front line to protect your skin from the winter chill:


Under 10% water is dehydration.

So we spare it, even if it means putting on a little extra wool!

To save your skin, our experts have what you need.

Its super-powerful hygroscopic power allows you to retain the water in your skin water to keep the skin beautiful.

Hyaluronic acid, the champion of hydration

As a real sponge, it retains the water of your skin to prevent it from leaking. The result is that your skin stays hydrated and its surface is smoothed!


The Omegas, the champions of repair

These super-lipids that cannot be synthesized by the skin restore the barrier function to maintain water in the skin.


Our Hyaluronic Acid and Omega ranges, the winning combo for winter!

And because you can also nourish your skin from within, enrich your winter menus with foods rich in water and/or omegas.