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Dear Readers,

We haven’t yet dared to comment on the current health crisis, because even after 15 days in confinement it’s a difficult subject to broach. What can be said? Should we express our feelings? Despite everything, should we keep pretending its ’business as usual’ by means of communications that are slightly detached. Complicated indeed…

We must face the facts, there is no right answer, no right communication not even a “good” message.

Therefore we have decided to continue selling on our website and above all we’ll continue to pass on our scientific knowledge through blog articles and newsletters about our profession, ‘well being’, yes but effective ‘well being’.

As you know, and we want to stress this point, there are men and women working on site everyday putting together our parcels, it isn’t robots doing the job. We owe them a great deal. It is for this reason that we have im-plemented a 15% rise in salary for each of our operators and team coordi-nators.

In addition we have put into place essential measures to enable the logis-tics and delivery operations to continue:

  • The implementation of the French government’s “barrier” hygiene measures.
  • The introduction of staggered working hours, additional “hygiene” breaks, the division of teams, distance between operators, staff training, purchase of protective sanitary equipment, supplementary cleaning of key common areas.
  • Contactless delivery

These measures allow us to continue shipping orders every day in optimal sanitary conditions. However this comes with significant additional costs that we will bear in order to guarantee that our prices remain the same.

We do ask you to be “responsible” when ordering by grouping together, were possible, all your needs to avoid having to place a new order the fol-lowing week. And above all, stay at home.

In addition we are sending creams and oils to the medical teams at l’Hôtel Dieu (Paris) to help keep their skin, in particular their hands, moisturised.

This mandatory confinement that we are facing, forces us to see things dif-ferently, let’s try to get the most out of it. As we know there are two worlds emerging; that of people confined to their houses and those obliged by their professions to ensure the maintenance of material and human civilisa-tion. And we can’t thank them enough.

If one does nothing, if we don’t act, if we don’t think, we remain a prisoner. This is why I ask you to reflect with me, through my new article on the blog about “cosmetic fasting” that I’ve been practicing for many years, which perfectly echoes this unprecedented situation.

Take advantage of these constraints to gain a new independence from certain social conventions that are too firmly ingrained in each of us.

Cyrille TELINGE - Founder