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Madeline Chong

I have very sensitive skin and often suffer from dry and itchy skin. I have tried so many brands including premium brands, but nothing works and worst of all they cause allergic reactions like swelling and rashes. I was introduced to Novexpert by a friend and bought the Repulp Cream to address my dry and itchy skin. I was so happy for once I did not experience any allergic reactions. This gave me the confidence to try other items like the Booster Serum with Vitamin C. After using the Vitamin C serum, my friends started complimenting me that my skin tone is more even, complexion looks brighter and more radiant. So, without hesitation I started trying the full range such as the cleanser, toner, mask etc. Now after using Novexpert for more than 6 years I am truly grateful to have found a brand that is safe and effective for my skin. No more allergic reactions!

我是过敏体质,脸部皮肤容易干裂\瘙痒\红肿,偶尔还会起红斑,因此很难找到合适的护肤品。我尝试过各种昂贵的护肤品牌,也试过不少直销或价格平民的产品,有一段时间甚至回归原始,什么也不用,可是皮肤的状况并未改善。直到几年前,朋友Aileen 推荐Novexpert, 我使用了The Repulp Cream ,发现并未引起任何过敏反应,于是大胆加上 Booster Serum with Vitamin C 。几个星期以后,朋友们都说我的肤色变均衡了,不再暗淡无光。我终于找到适合自己的护肤品牌,可以放心尝试不同系列的产品,这些年来,脸部未曾出现过敏反应。

Madeleine recommends:

Booster Serum with Vitamin C

The Repulp Cream

Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

The Repulp Mask

Jesica Low

As a busy mother of 2 young children, I don’t have the luxury of time for long facial sessions so I would use the Novexpert Repulp Mask for 10-15 minutes about 3 times a week and my skin would immediately feel softer and brighter! Another plus point for me as a breastfeeding mom is that I don’t have to worry about using any of Novexpert products because they use all natural ingredients.

作为一个有两个孩子的忙碌母亲,我没有足够的时间进行长时间的面部护理,因此每周大约3次使用Novexpert Repulp Mask 10-15分钟,我的皮肤立即变得柔软而明亮!对我来说,作为母乳喂养妈妈的另一个好处是,我不必担心使用任何Novexpert产品,因为它们使用了全天然成分。

Jesica recommends:

The Repulp Mask

Younger Looking Eyes ... In Just 5 Minutes !

Radiance Lifting Eye Contour