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What is Zinc used for?

What is Zinc used for?

Zinc is the essential trace element for all oily skin, with or without imperfections:
ANTI-BACTERIAL: helps eliminate the bacteria that cause pimples, C.acnes.
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY: reduces the severity of imperfections.
ANTIOXIDANT: protects sebum lipids from oxidation, a factor that aggravates imperfections.

When you know how important zinc is for oily and/or blemished skin, you owe it to yourself to provide it. But not just any old way.

At Novexpert, we've combined 3 forms of zinc (zinc lactate, zinc PCA and zinc gluconate) to act on the SYMPTOMS of blemishes, but above all on the CAUSES to prevent recurrence. Highly-dosed Trio-Zinc complex reduces the activity of 5α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for a pro-imperfection hormone. It also reduces by 75% another sebum-increasing factor, IGF-1, released when we eat a diet high in sugar or dairy proteins.



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