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What is Vitamin C used for?

What is Vitamin C used for?

Vitamin C plays two major roles in the skin:
ANTIOXIDANT: limits oxidation and its deleterious consequences on skin cells, for a radiant complexion and smooth skin.
ANTI-AGING: stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis, for firmer skin and preserved facial contours.

Its omnipresence in the skin's layers reflects its importance: 10 to 100 times more vitamin C is found in the skin than in other vitamins.

However, we have lost the ability to synthesize vitamin C. So we need to find it in our diet (cabbage, acerola, blackcurrant, etc.) or in cosmetics.

When you know how important vitamin C is for the skin, you owe it to yourself to provide it. But not just any old way.

At Novexpert, we've created a stable vitamin C that penetrates effectively and is integrated into products with a pH similar to that of the skin, so it's compatible for everyone, in every season.



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