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This was a serious study so at the risk of disappointing you and sounding
unfunny,…. eyes!

It has to be said that eyes are very intriguing, did you know that the record for the largest eyes in the world is held by the squid! Each of its eyes can be up to 25 centimetres in diameter, the size of an impressive water melon, very handy for exploring the seabed.

Our fascination with eyes has led us, as skin specialists, to pay particular attention to the area around the eye! The skin around the eye is very unique, a while ago I was watching a film and the heroine was worrying about the small wrinkles forming around her blue eyes when she smiled! Oh yes… the first point, as you have no doubt already noticed, is that the first wrinkles to appear on the face are around the eyes (and the lips)!

1, 2… 15 000 TIMES A DAY !


I’m not talking about how many times a day you look in a mirror, or in the rear view mirror of the car to check if the fine lines on your face have disappeared, I’m talking about how many times a day you blink! Yes, 15,000. By the way, since the beginning of this article you must have blinked more than 10 times. The area around the eyes is the most dynamic on your face, the daily micro contractions cause fine lines that become visible from the age of 25!

Besides creating fine lines, and having your eyes closed in photos, what’s the point of blinking? Blinking moisturises and cleanses. With each blink, the eye lid cleans the eye, like a windscreen wiper, and spreads out the lacrimal fluid so the eye ball doesn’t dry out.



Throughout evolution the eye area has not been very lucky, on top of being subjected to numerous daily contractions, it is also a particularly sensitive area.
To be precise the skin around the eye area is 3 times thinner than that of the face (0,33 - 0,36mm vs 1-1,6mm) There isn’t much distance between the two though! And that isn’t all… the hydrolipid film, the protective film composed of lipids and moisturising elements that protect our skin is pretty much absent around the eye! This leaves the door open to dehydration and damaging external factors.


You have thousands of bacteria in and around your eye, but fear not, the rest of your skin does too. Are you reassured? Seriously though it’s called Ocular Microbioata. This is the “good bacteria” that lives in harmony in your eyes and on the skin around the eye area protecting us from the bad bacteria establishing itself there. The good bacteria takes up all the space and uses all the available food so that pathogenic bacteria cannot grow. Some good bacteria such as ‘Corynebacterium mastitidis’ can even produce antibacterial peptides that destroys bad bacteria as it tries to invade the lacrimal fluid. A real turf war that most of the time the good bacteria wins… However if you use cosmetic products containing lots of preservatives you’ll destroy some of this flora. The preservatives make no distinction, their objective is to destroy anything that moves!

By that I mean all bacteria, whether they are good or bad for us. This is one of the reasons we avoid using preservatives through out our entire range of products - no exceptions! 0% conservateurs, 100% commitment, 0% preservatives.

If you want another tip, avoid constantly touching your eyes with your hands, otherwise bacteria from the skin flora of you hands can easily get into your eyes and cause an imbalance.


You might well wonder what’s behind this unfamiliar syndrome and I can’t finish an article on the area around the eye without addressing it. Imagine on waking up you go to the bathroom….disaster: bags under your eyes! The area around your eyes are all puffy, this normally fades during the day but sometimes not fast enough! Bags under your eyes are caused by insufficient lymphatic and venous drainage which happens after prolonged lying down; fluid accumulates over night causing unsightly bags.

My tip for getting rid of them easily? Massage the area around the eye with sweet almond oil then apply chilled Radiance Lifting Eye Contour (straight from the fridge)!

And finally, why do we call it business class syndrome? Because you are able to lie down in business class seats hence the risk of waking up with bags under your eyes increases….. So you have a choice, comfort or bags under your eyes!



I think you’ve understood, THE AREA AROUND YOUR EYES IS DELICATE, specific areas need specific products. This is why we have developed Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour, to visibly reduce wrinkles and Radiance Lifting Eye Contour for an instant tightening and brightening effect. Don’t hesitate to take a closer look at these products on our site, your eyes will thank you! 


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