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Why is the Peeling now?

The Peeling, the great spring cleaning for your skin

Packed with specific active ingredients, the peel loosens the cells of the first layers of the epidermis to stimulate their renewal and thus obtain a luminous complexion and a refined skin texture.

 But beware! Once these first rows of cells have been removed, the barrier function may be temporarily unbalanced. After a peel, it is therefore "naked", so it is essential to avoid seasons that are demanding for your skin (like summer for example) and to favor spring.

Vigilance is still required, even in this season. That's why the Peeling is only done in the evening. And no sun exposure during the day, otherwise you may get redness or pigmentation spots...

Prevention is better than cure

To perform a peel in good conditions, follow our essential advice: perform a peel no more than once every 2 days, in a cure of 2 to 3 months at most. And after a peel, don't forget to cleanse your skin (choose one without sulfates and with a physiological pH (between 4.5 and 5), without forgetting to moisturize your skin and protect it with a sun cream in case of exposure.

Cell renewal, an eternal restart

40,000 is the number of dead skin cells we shed EVERY day! And that's perfectly normal. From their birth in the depths of the epidermis to their appearance on the surface of our skin, our skin cells live an average of 28 days.

Their replacements are already there, just below them, so it's time to make room!

On the body, their elimination is facilitated by the rubbing of clothes but on the face it is more complicated ....

As time goes by, everything goes away...except dead skin! Skin aging induces a slowdown in cell renewal. From 28 days at the age of 20, it increases to more than 40 days after 50. And it shows: dull complexion, uneven skin texture, imperfections, the skin of your face suffocates under layers of dead skin!

The peeling, the boost for cell renewal

How does a peel work? It separates dead skin from its attachments through the action of AHAs, known as fruit acids such as glycolic acid. The major drawback is tolerance: irritation, redness, AHA peels are not for everyone.

At Novexpert, we have chosen a unique concentrate of AHA-free exfoliants combined with our Zinc Trio, for 100% purified skin* in the morning. Clean up your act with the Night Peeling Lotion!

*Challenge test on C.acnes and S.epidermis